Lior Brauner Spivak

Fashion is my passion. Colors, textures and shapes thrill me. I love designing clothes. it's always nice to create something from scratch.

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Lior Brauner Spivak joined Giza in 2007. Lior is an Associate responsible for the evaluation of companies in the IT/SW, Internet and HealthCareIT sectors, from the initial screening throughout the final investment. Lior focuses on company deal flow, conducting due diligence, market comparisons and data analysis.

Lior is involved and serves as an observer at the following companies: Pebbles, Walkme and AppSee. In addition, she is responsible for global investor relations activities and assists in global business development. Lior took part in establishing GPV, a Giza-sponsored Warsaw-based early stage venture capital fund.

Lior holds an MA and a BA in art history from Tel Aviv University.