The company IPOed in 2000

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Compugen is engaged in the discovery and licensing of product candidates to the drug and diagnostic industry. The company's powerful discovery engines enable the predictive discovery of numerous potential therapeutics and diagnostic biomarkers. To date, Compugen's product discovery efforts and its initial discovery engines have mostly focused on the areas of cancer and immune-related and cardiovascular diseases. Compugen's primary commercialization pathway for its therapeutic and diagnostic product candidates is to enter into milestone and revenue sharing out-licensing and joint development agreements with leading companies. 

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 Compugen went public on Nasdaq in 2000 and on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2002


Simchon Faigler, Amir natan, Eli Mintz


President & CEO: Dr. Anat Cohen-Dayag      CFO: Ari Krashin



Fields of invesment: icon lifeHealthcare

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